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Hydrodynamics: The Reynolds Number – Li Kewei

The Reynolds number is an important quantity in hydrodynamics. According to Wikipedia, the Reynolds number is a dimensionless number that gives a measure of the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces. I guess that doesn’t tell you much about … Continue reading

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The PID Control Algorithm – Matthew Lee

Have you seen a line-following robot in action before? These robots zip around by tracing the black-white boundary between the dark line and the lighter ground via negative feedback. If the robot is on the dark line, it veers to … Continue reading

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Semiconductors and Diodes – Soham Ghosh

As all of the world would agree, semiconductors are one of the major creations of Physics in the field of electronics. Semiconductors are almost an essential part of every circuit and integrated circuit today.  So this week’s fact of the … Continue reading

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Larmor Formula – Catharine Lo

with some edits by Li Kewei The Larmor formula is used to calculate the total power radiated by a nonrelativistic point charge as it accelerates.  When accelerating, any charged particle (such as an electron) radiates away energy in the form of EM waves. When the … Continue reading

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