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Magnetorheological fluid – Catharine Lo

Remember the ferrofluid that Luyu introduced during the camp.  It is made up of nanoparticles of ferromaterials that become magnetised under a magnetic field.  Now let us look at another type of fluid. A magnetorheological fluid (MR fluid) is another … Continue reading

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… a closer look at cavitation – Chew Hong En

The next time you boil water in a beaker over a Bunsen flame, consider how the water actually boils: Even before reaching boiling point, small bubbles begin to form near the base and sides of the beaker, with the bubbling … Continue reading

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Products of Vectors – Cheng Luyu

In this week’s fact of the week, I will introduce the vector dot and cross product, which may be already familiar to you. However, some of the mathematical perspective provided here may be useful in furthering your understanding in these … Continue reading

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