Raffles Science Series (RSS) – Rainbow Physics

Raffles Science Series (RSS) is a fortnightly science event jointly organized by four academic societies in RI (JC), namely, Raffles Society of Biological Sciences, Quanta (Club Automatica), Astronomy Club and Alchemy Club, with focuses on Biology, Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry respectively. It is open to all RGS Year 3-4 and RI Year 1-4 non science club members.

Most of us have wondered why rainbow forms in the sky, yet few have thought of how to create a rainbow using an alternative method. Quanta will hold a physics session (Lecture and practical) at 4:30pm on Week 5 Tuesday, July 26th, featuring the science behind rainbows. In the coming session, our club members will introduce basic theories in modern optics which explains physics behind various types of rainbows. The theories, including dispersion, interference, birefringence and interaction between light and matter, can also be applied in many other real-life problems. Though all these may sound bizarre or trial to some, you will learn something new whichever level you are in.

On top of that, there will be a special hands-on time for you to explore these theories in RI(JC) lab on your own, with all experiments unseen in normal classroom settings.

This session will be conducted at the JC campus and detailed venue will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as the sign-ups are confirmed. Drop a message at quanta.clubautomatica@gmail.com should you have any queries.



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