Quanta is publishing internal circulation material Fact of the Week (FotW) here on this site!

FotW is a weekly (duh…) newsletter for the club, covering various interesting Physics-related phenomena that cater to the palates of the not-so-pedantic. Maybe you ever wondered how touchscreens work or how some vintage toys (eg. putt-putt boats) retain their charm. You might even want to explore a more complete picture of those theories glossed over only for exams, like explanations for the Snell’s Law or the intricacies of the Refractive Index.  The FotW seeks to add a new degree of flexibility and novelty to the idea of “Physics (H1/H2/H3)” that is blasted to us routinely in school today.

We welcome any form of discussion, proofreading or even À la carte suggestions for topics.

Hope you enjoy reading them!


Publications here are lagged by 1 week from the date of circulation within the club.


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